Spiritual Medium

He is well known for his warming, compassionate and sincere personality whilst adding a  cheekiness to his light hearted approach in his deliverance of communication (messages) from the “afterlife”.


He was naturally born with is his ability to connect with the spiritual world which started at a very young age. This has been enhanced by his many life experience, in particular the many years he spent working in his emergency services where he recalls many profound spiritual experiences.


His inspirational Speaking can be very uplifting and moving. This is often incorporated along with his own inspirational song playing by his gentle and soothing voice with his guitar playing in his demonstrations. He has certainly been known to leave the audience very moved and uplifted by this presence.


Wayne offers


  • Personal 1-2-1 readings,
  • Group Readings,
  • Public Demonstrations.
  • Inspiration art paintings with / without mini readings.
  • Tutoring - Mediumship and Psychic Energy Development and Altered states of consciousness (including Trance).














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Wayne is a very popular, well established inspirational medium and tutor. He has toured and worked around the UK and abroad.